What’s the best way to predict the future? Create it.

We’re helping to pioneer the future of payments, which makes it an exciting time around here. Things are moving fast, and the changes touch every single one of us. We’re committed to being at the forefront of this movement, creating an incredible culture of collaboration that’s missing one thing: you.

Think leadership. Think development.

Think forward.

Access to Senior Leaders

We don’t have a lot of hierarchy here, but we do have a shared sense of purpose and a commitment to collaboration. That’s why you won’t have to jump through hoops to talk to our leaders.

You may find yourself presenting a project to leadership or having coffee with a top executive. However you network, you’ll find our leaders accessible, committed and invested in you.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our differences make us interesting, give us perspective and help us approach problems from new angles, and reflect the markets we serve. Our differences make all the difference.

To us, diversity comes in many forms. From cultural diversity to diversity of thought, we aim to build an inclusive and responsible environment where all views are welcome. To reach our goals, we have seven diversity networks that help attract, retain and promote diverse talent:

  • African American Network
  • Asian Professional Engagement Network
  • Hispanic Network
  • LGBT Partnership Network
  • People with Disabilities Network
  • Women’s Network
  • Veterans Network

We’re all influenced by our culture, experience and backgrounds. At Synchrony Financial, we don’t minimize these differences—we celebrate them.


Professional development and learning

Stop any Synchrony Financial employee in the hallway and ask them what they like best about our company. You’ll probably hear about the incredible emphasis we put on professional development, and the unique experiential learning opportunities we offer. Although we’re confident, we’re also aware that there’s always room to think bigger, dive deeper and learn more.

We avoid silos here. We want our team to understand all aspects of our business. That’s why we’ll expose you to functions and career options you may not otherwise have considered. Your training here is never over. Your education will be ongoing, with programs like Engagement Week, a quarterly event that brings our global team together to develop, grow, celebrate and connect with each other. Throughout these special weeks, you’ll be exposed to additional functional and skills-based learning, leadership panel discussions and opportunities to network with colleagues around the world.

You’ll also be exposed to leadership development courses through our Synchrony Financial Learning Center.

When you join us, your work has a real impact on the business. Your contributions matter. And your success is our priority.

Job perks

When you join the Business Leadership Program, you’ll be entrusted with real-world responsibilities immediately. In exchange, you’ll receive real-world benefits and job perks.

BLP Perks
BLP-Internship Perks

Think impact

You’ll emerge from our Business Leadership Program and BLP-Internship thinking like a leader and a doer.

About the Program

Think opportunity

No matter where you are in your career, you should be thinking forward to what’s next.

Career Counselor

Think forward

Ready to take charge of your career and what’s next?