Do you believe “who” is as important as “what”?

Think people. Think culture.

Think forward.

We are purpose (and people) driven

We’re not your typical financial services company. We’re passionate about people—and the technology and innovation that touch their lives. Our purpose and values shape who we are and how we engage: with each other, with our clients and with our customers. Our purpose and values are our North Star as we move relentlessly forward: guiding us, uniting us and leading us to the next challenge.

Our purpose

We pioneer the future of financing, improving the success of every business we serve and the quality of each life we touch.

Our values. Part of our DNA


It’s our policy


We know what’s at stake


It’s our fuel for greatness


We believe people matter


We’re all in and we deliver


It’s time to make a difference

The BLP in action

They have blazing minds. They’re never satisfied. They’re inspired by each other’s differences. They’re our BLP participants, and they’re the reason we’re (way) ahead of the curve.


Staying top-of-wallet in a wallet-less world

Our best innovations come from an honest, relaxed environment where people can discuss burning industry questions, propose and implement bold solutions and encourage each other to create the next big thing.

Our Innovation Station is the perfect example: this collaborative team of IT experts, marketing gurus, prophetic engineers and creative front-end developers are all dedicated to answering questions that start with “What if?” and “How?”

So far the Innovation Station team has produced several game-changing brainchildren. Like mApply, for example, which lets you apply for credit on your phone and get instant access to your new credit line. Or our CareCredit digital card, which means you no longer need to carry a physical card.

We pride ourselves on having a culture that’s supportive enough to let good ideas flow, but driven and passionate enough to transform those ideas into reality.

Great leaders lead to more great leaders

At Synchrony, we’re not just guided by our passionate leaders, we learn from them, we engage with them and we’re mentored by them. Because the more leaders we have on our team, the stronger our team will be.

Our Leadership

We trace our roots to 1932. Learn about our history

Think impact

You’ll emerge from our Business Leadership Program and BLP-Internship thinking like a leader and a doer.

About the Program

Think opportunity

No matter where you are in your career, you should be thinking forward to what’s next.

Career Counselor

Think forward

Ready to take charge of your career and what’s next?