If you were to change the financial industry, where would you start?

How about by joining the largest private label credit card provider in the U.S. (based on purchase volume and receivables*)?
**Source: The Nilson Report (June 2017, Issue #1112) – based on 2016 data

Think payments. Think engagement.

Think forward.

“So … what exactly do you do?”

We’re used to that question. As the largest provider of private label credit cards in the U.S. (based on purchase volume and receivables), millions of people use our credit cards every day—though they don’t always know our name. It’s ironic, considering that technology and data are revolutionizing how people interact with payments and we’re on the frontlines of that change.

If you want to understand what you’ll be doing on our team, keep reading. But here’s a preview: you’ll be influencing the evolution of payments while accelerating your career toward leadership opportunities. The work you do with us today could still be reverberating tomorrow.

Synchrony at a glance

  • We trace our roots back to 1932.
  • We’re one of the premier consumer financial services companies in the U.S.
  • We’re the largest provider of private label credit cards in the U.S. (based on purchase volume and receivables).
  • More than 71 million active customer accounts.
  • We work in different industry segments including: apparel, automotive, consumer electronics, elective health care, home improvement, furnishings and appliances, jewelry, outdoor power equipment and sporting goods.
  • Our team is more than 15,000 employees strong.
We also offer the following capabilities and services for our partners:

Point of sale and digital solutions

Loyalty programs

Enhanced analytics

Four customized products. Infinite opportunities.

Around here, we believe in blue-sky thinking: If you can imagine it, you can make it happen. Our team is developing technology and harnessing the power of data and insight to revolutionize how consumers shop and retailers engage. There are endless opportunities to make an innovative impact in this ever-changing industry. But we’re also realists. Our credit cards and financing solutions are in the hands and lives of tens of millions of customers. We take that responsibility seriously by focusing our leadership on four core areas.

Everyday purchases

Say you find the perfect pair of jeans and sign up for a credit and loyalty program to get 25% off. That credit and loyalty program is us.

Or maybe your commute has you at the gas station once a week, so you get a branded credit card to earn Fuel Credits. That card is us.

Or you pull out your smartphone while you’re waiting in line and apply for a store credit card—that real-time approval technology is us too.

We offer private label credit cards and loyalty programs, along with ways to engage our customers in-store, online and via mobile—wherever and whenever they want.

It doesn’t get much more impactful than that.

Major purchases

If you asked someone to marry you, could you buy the ring? If your dishwasher leaked, could you get the floors fixed? If you needed a new couch, could you replace the old one?

Most people use financing to manage and track their spending, take advantage of special promotional offers and to help afford the unexpected moments that life can throw at you. That’s when they turn to us.

Our payment and financing solutions, offered through merchant partners across the U.S., come to the rescue with financing our customers feel good about. (And we do too.)

Elective healthcare financing

When you’re faced with an elective medical procedure—especially an unexpected one—the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to pay for it.

CareCreditSM was designed for those situations. Accepted at healthcare providers across the country, our CareCredit solutions help everyday consumers finance often expensive services including dental, vision, veterinary and audiology.

CareCredit is there when our customers (and even their pets) need us most.


Through Synchrony Bank, our award-winning online bank, we offer consumer and business customers, a range of products including CDs, IRAs, money market accounts and savings accounts.  Available 24/7 from a computer, tablet or smart phone, Synchrony Bank customers can choose when and where they want to bank.

At Synchrony Bank, what we offer is more than a simple transaction between two people. It’s a collaboration with our customers, one that builds steadily over time as we work together toward a shared goal. Agility, and a distinct sense of personal care is in our DNA, and in every product and service we offer to our banking customers.

Engage with us.

The definition of the word synchrony is a “state in which things happen or move at the same time.” That is what we do every day – we make things happen. Being in “sync” with our partners, customers, industries, and the marketplace is what our business is all about and the way we do this is by “engaging.”

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